Design Valet Pricing

Projects are as unique as the people behind them. They come in all shapes and sizes. Some are large in scope, some are small, others are simplistic, while others can be very complex. For this reason, a ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL pricing model isn’t plausible as it fails to address project variables and challenges.

How We Work

We discuss your project with you to understand your objectives, requirements, vision, desired results, etc. We then use this data to determine the project’s overall scope, ways we can help you achieve your vision, and the resources necessary to bring it to fruition.

Next, a unique quote is generated for your project and presented to you. Once the  quote is approved and the assignment formalized, we go to work.

This is our process for every project regardless of Client or size.


1. Why Don't You Just Post a Uniform Price List?

Because projects are never uniform. Each comes with a unique set of requirements, variables, objectives and challenges. With that in mind, the idea of one price or even a set price range for every project in a given service category is quite unrealistic and is not part of our model.

2. I'm price shopping so a list would really help me.

We understand that some people like to browse websites and compare prices and that’s fine. However, we provide quotes after assessing projects. If that’s not acceptable to you, we respect that and hope to do business with you in the future.

3. Is this an attempt to collect my data ?

It may be for some companies who only offer forms as a means of contact. We on the other hand are interested in partnerships and long-standing relationships where the primary objective is the Client’s growth and success.  

To connect with potential Clients, we need to be able to contact them. That alone is the reason for asking for contact information.

That said, a large mailing list full of people we aren’t doing business with isn’t very productive, so it’s not our motivation for requesting information. 

4. Are you hiding higher prices?

Not at all. We are assessing projects before offering quotes. This provides greater value to Clients and eliminates price/work/expectation discrepencies.

Project Inquiry

Feel free to call or text!


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