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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s different about Design Valet?

We are a service themed company, with an old-school concierge approach to customer service. We not only provide graphic design and small web services, we can assist in the  development process as well. Many graphic design providers simply design the product and hand it back. Here at Design Valet, we often work with Clients to develop and refine ideas before moving to the graphic design phase. In other words, we can function as a quasi virtual assistant on graphic design projects if a client needs it so they can focus their time and attention elsewhere. It all depends on the Client’s needs.

Do you provide printing services?

We do not provide any direct printing or manufacturing services. Our focus is graphic and small web design. That said, we have worked with numerous printers and manufacturers, and can assist with finding one for your project if necessary.

Can you handle ALL my graphic design needs?

Absolutely. Entrepreneurs, Businesses, and Organizations can hire us as their sole or primary graphic designer, and we offer excellent packages for bulk and long term assignments. Hiring us is like having your own personal graphic design department but for less $$$.

Is there anything you can’t design?

Hmmm! Is there anything Superman can’t lift? smile We can easily handle any of the standard graphic design requests like flyers, logos, posters, business cards, invitations, etc., but have also designed custom wraps for vehicles, signs for commercial store fronts, book  covers, concept/character art for Film & TV, and much more. We can handle MOST graphic design requests, even if they aren’t listed here on the website. Just inquire, and if it is beyond our service offering, we will let you know, and help connect you with the appropriate provider.

Can I speak with your designers and artists directly?

For security and workflow reasons, Clients don’t speak directly with our designers and artists. Project Managers act as liaisons between Clients and creative staff, which keeps projects moving forward smoothly.

Do You Have a Price List I Can View?

We provide Clients with individualized quotes based on their project’s unique paramaters, requirements, scope and objectives. There is no ‘one size fits all’ price sheet.

Is it true I can earn free services?

Yes! We offer credit towards our services for ‘paid’ referrals. We typically credit the Referring Client a percentage of the Referred Client’s paid purchase(s) toward their services from us. For example: If a client refers someone to us and that individual spends $500 on our services, the Referring Client may receive a $50 credit toward Design Valet Service(s). (Service Credit cannot be used for third-party services or products nor converted to cash.) Some restrictions do apply.

Can I Promote Your Services?

Yes! Join our Affiliate Program by Clicking Here.


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